Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wow... Look at that circle in Texas!! (on my Visitor Locations)

Anyways, I am back again! Today was a pretty good day and two cool things, I guess you could say, "happened" today. Nothing amazing but yea, I have officially been here for 3 months now (I arrived in Japan on March 24) and summer break is exactly one month away for me!!! :D Oh, and I have a three day weekend this month which I think the students here at Gyoshu (my school) deserve because we had to go to school two Saturdays this month. Now, this isn't out of the ordinary for this school, but a kid gets tired. I also figured out why my camera hasn't been working (I thought it was broke so no pics recently, I apologize). It turns out that you need to charge the battery for like 3 days before the camera will even turn on... So yea, its charged for several days now and still isn't done.

Anywho, people here are fairly sleepy. While I was on the train (everything happens on trains) this morning, this girl kept falling asleep, nothing out of the ordinary for residents of Japan. She also kept letting her head drop to the side, pick it back up, drop it and pick it back up until she made a successful landing on the man's shoulder next to her. Sometimes she wouldeven pick her head up all the way, and then like dive bomb into his shoulder. Like I said before though, this is totally common to see here. People always seem to stay asleep the whole time they are tenderizing the poor victims shoulder, yet as soon as they get to their station, their body somehow knows that it needs to wake up. I don't know. It makes me wonder if these people are really sleeping... Well either way, it's fun to watch :)

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