Saturday, April 24, 2010

'Nother few days, 'nother post.

So I will get to posting the other requests except for the one about a guide. I'm sorry but I haven't been here long enough to do that and I hardly even have the time (or will power) to update my blog. :P

Well I'm getting used to the trains now, I can navigate the stations without getting lost or missing my stop! :D I also got a PSP which is really fun, my games are in japanese so its difficult to understand but I think it helps with the whole reading part :D I have learned hiragana, katakana, and about 30+ kanji. (lol thats not much but still!) I just got my cell phone so now I can keep in touch with all my friends (in Japan)

One day I had to stay after school a little later then usual so I didn't go home with the people that I usually go with, but I just went to the bus stop and these guys were like "Robato, Robato!" lol so I went over to them and waited for the bus. Once it came it was to full to get on and the next bus wasnt for another 30 minutes. So they asked me if I wanted to walk to the next bus stop with them so I did and only one of them spoke decent english. Kinda. But while we were walking the other two were making attempts at communicating in english. The taller one pretty much just knew how to say two phrases. I am the greatest of the three. and my favorite, "You are a dirty boy." lol XD he kept saying this to the shorter guy and the short guy was like no no no! Don't listen to him! lol when we got to the bus stop the bigger guy asked me what I thought about him. I said he was tall. Naturally, the short guy asked the same question. I told him he looked mexican, he was like no no no!!!! XD Then the bigger guy was like, you are a dirty... mexican. XD hahahahaha XD it was the best XD

Also when I got off the train yesterday this lady was texting while walking to the stairs but she did not notice the pillar that she was walking towards. Hahaha as you probably guessed she ran into it, but not just that, her head like recoiled back and everything and then she just kept walking and texting like nothing happened. It was so funny XD but I have deciplined myself not to laugh at these situations. Like a ninja. :D

Well anyways, I post some pics from the school trip to Kamakura on facebook,!/RTinJapan?v=photos and also I am on the cheer team for the sports festival. But its not like american cheering! I'll show some pics when it comes around to the sports festival or maybe a video of me practicing.

'Til then,

Monday, April 19, 2010

Music in Japan

Okay so I have talked to a few people about this, I actually get asked a lot here what kind of music I like. Of course, I give the "Oh I like everything" answer but it's true! The very first person I met is really into J-Pop, but then I met this kid at my school who LOVES Queen. OHH! Several people here have asked me if I liked Backstreet Boys, a lot of Japanese people like them (mostly guys I think). The point I'm getting to is that they like American music, they like some Japanese music too, but American stuff, like ANYTHING American, they go crazy over that stuff! (Ehem! I'm American :P )

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Need help.

Okay guys, or if only one person reads this, guy. I need help. I am pretty much like your eyes in Japan. If there is something that you want to know about how people act, what restaurants are like, school-life, anything, comment it on this post and I will make a post out of it. I have like a writer's block or something. :P


Sunday, April 11, 2010

100 Views! :D

So if you look to the right of this page you can see a little map thing. If you click it, it shows how many views I have. I now have my first "100+ Viewers" circle and it is in Corpus Christi, Texas! Whooo!! Thanks guys! :D

Friday, April 9, 2010


So I know it's been a while since my last post, but MAN! I been workin' hard! :P Seriously though, I get home at seven at the earliest and usually crash at around 9:30! So school, well it went pretty well this week, I got to make a speech on Thursday! Whoo!! Hahaha, so now everyone knows me and I love that like every teacher I meet says it's an honor to meet me and how they loved my speech (I thought it sucked :P) but I was the only person who gave a speech who didn't have a paper to read from, so I guess maybe they liked how I winged it? I don't know. :D I have met some pretty cool people at school, especially Yoda (Arisa) and Ayaka is pretty cool too :D I have been to purikura a couple of times now, only been to school three times so this is a frequent happening. I will hurry and try to get the pictures from the girls so that I can put them up in my album. Man, I wish I knew how to speak japanese because people are talking about me ALL THE TIME! And they aren't subtle about it either, they point and go on in japanese! I know some things that they say, one of my favorites being kakui :D Um, well I pretty much am amazing in english class, I have read the books that we are reading, I know the words that we are learning, and the grammar, easy :P but I did learn two new words yesterday, collocation and muzukashi (difficult). I can't really say what my schedule for the school day is like because it changes everyday, but yesterday I had a double period of art and english (periods are 50 minutes and passing periods are 10 minutes). We have 40 minutes for lunch, 10 minute cleaning time after that, then 10minutes till next class. To get a plate of rice and curry (or however you spell it) is 350 yen which is about 4 dollars, so yea a basic meal here, 5-7 dollars. Expensive. I went to McDonald's the other day to go get the Texas Burger that everyone here was crazing about and guess what?? They don't sell the burger anymore, they had like just stopped! So I got a Big Mac, so small... So unhealthy... But so good... They are way to expensive though. I know that I still need to get some pictures up of the uniform so I will get those and put them up later, I look pretty shpiffy in it :D

WEEEEELLLLLL, I gueesss that's about it for today.

Remember, RT is busy. :)

Thank you, come again! :D

Monday, April 5, 2010

So I had to go to a welcoming party for AFS students yesterday... there was a talent show and I don't have one D: so I did nothing, everyone else sang there national anthem but I really dreaded singing. Anyways, after that we went to a cherry blossom festival in Shizuoka (more pics on facebook), we just hung out. I also met Aika, or Ai, who is significantly quieter than here sister Yuna lol. It's funny because Yuna will mimic me, I'll be like, "Wow! That's cool!" and she'll say it right after me. So I mimic her when she speaks english poorly. I told her to say oh snap, she said, "Oh snappu." haha XD so then I will say it the same way and so she will sit there and talk bad about me in japanese, but whatever! Haha she's still pretty cool, and it's amazing how much I talked with Yuna and Ai yesterday considering we don't know what the other is even saying XD we talk for about 2 hours at Denny's last night. By the way, japanese Denny's is nothing like american Denny's. It's all um, japanese food. You know, ramen, miso soup, but! They might throw in an egg as a side every now and then :P

Well tomorrow is the first day of school so yea, it's only a half day though and I have Wednesday (すいようび) off so sweet :) I think I7ll walk over to Geo's here in a bit. It's like Japan's version of hollywood video and EB games combined, except Japan has a lot of games you guys back home don't :P

Well, Imma bounce!

P.S. maybe I'll talk about school tomorrow. :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Okay okay, I know I said Tuesday, but I've got some free time right now and I don't want to forget somethings.

So a couple of days ago I went up to the school, intresting things about japanese school:

1. You need about 4 different pair of shoes for school! (and a uniform)

2. You have 15 minutes of clean up time after lunch.

3. I have 18 other students in my class...

4. 15 of these students are girls!

5. When changing for P.E., there isn't a locker room. The class changes in the class room.

So yea, just some things that I thought were kinda cool lol :D

On to yesterday. At about noon I got to go hang out with a new person! Yay!! His name is ケイキ (Keiki) and he is just a couple of months younger than me. We went to the mall and just kind of hung out. After the mall we went to his house so he could own me at freakin Wii Fit. But whatever! Nothing super exciting but he did have Heart Gold in japanese and I have Soul Silver in english! Anywayys, after that I hung out with ユナ (Yuna) for a bit. She is exactly one year younger than me :) we were both born September 8th! So, I was hanging out with her and offered her some cinnamon gum (japan does not have cinnamon ANYTHING), when I gave her the gum she sniffed it and was like, "OHHHH!!! Shinimon!!" Hahaha XD and I told her it was からい (karai) which means spicy. So she ate it and this is about how it went, YUNA, "Mmmm!!" ME, "Daijoubu?(is it okay)" YUNA, "Daijoubu. Ahhh!! Karai karai. Karai!!" ME *Laughing* YUNA, "Itai!! Itai itai!! (It hurts!)" Hahaha it was hilarious XD I don't think I'll ever forget itai because she said it about 50 times lol XD

Well I just had some free time before going to the bank, but I'm about to leave now soo.... untill next time!