Thursday, July 1, 2010

Well posting on this blog everyday ain't easy

And I have like 3 people see it a day lol

Therefore, if you wanna know about my trip here, talk with me at Facebook!
(just search my email or something)

Thank you all!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So I'm back. I took like 100 pictures with my camera. Then I deleted like 90. So ther are not a lot of new pictures at all but worry not. I'm bringing it to school tomorrow and hopefully I can get some pics of the iside of it if my teacher is cool with that! (My pics can be seen at Facebook, find me!)

Aside from that we ar testing now. It's like some sort of semster exam or mid-term or whatever, summer is coming up so that my guess. The way it works here, summer is in the middle of the school year. For me it starts... July 24! Yay :D so its less than a month away! There is a lot of stuff planned to do with AFS but that's fine cause I made quite a few AFS friends that I really wanna meet up with again! But yea, got off track. We are doing testing. And I do not understand at all. They asked if I wanted to take the test and so I said yea because I didn't want to sit and do nothing. But I think if I would have said no, I wouldn't have to go to school this week. I'm a genius though. So now I'm taking a test that I have no idea what it says or even what subject it is. While I was staring at my test today, I drooled on it... that's how much I get this. We also had an english test today! I felt really confident, then my classmate came and asked me about questions and we traded answers. I realized I answered a lot of questions wrong. I'm sure he made a higher grade then me...


Aside from that though evrything is going pretty good :D
Well it's late and I'm sleepy!

Goodnight, World!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Okay, well today was a rainy day, it didn't really stop until this evening and then I went for a bike ride because I haven't been outside in like two days. If tomorrow isn't rainy I can get some pics up of my bike, my host sisters little bar, and I guess I could take some pics of what I'm eating here, that way you guys back home know what you're missing out on. :P

Hmmm, well I'll tell ya a bit about two big things in Japan...
I have done karaoke here. Several times. It. Is. Amazing. So in the U.S. (and possibly other countries) we go to bars to satisfy our karaoke desires. Well in Japan, there are places that you go to that are made specifically for this. You go in, rent out a room, they give you a free drink of your choice, your room number and go up to it. Yes, rent out a room. You aren't in front of a hundrends of people making an idiot of yourself (if you were me), instead your are doing it in front of your friends. The rooms they put you in are really nice. You can have a lot of people all sing at one time because there are lots of mics, you can order food and beverages up to your room (which are quite affordable) and you can even shut the door to your room and scream your head off to your favorite Slipknot songs, such as I did. This is probably one of the best things I have done in Japan.

There is also this thing here called Purikura. It is short for print club (purinto kurabu) and you go into a little booth thing and have it take picture of you and your friends. Now this is made for girls really, the pictures you take remove all imperfections from you and make your eyes like twice their normal size. You look like a real life anime character or something. But yea, its cool becuase you choose all of these backgrounds whie inside of the booth (oh the booth is usually pretty big inside) and the selected backgrounds are projected onto a green screen behind you. After you have finish with the pics, you go outside the booth were it shows your photos on a screen and your can doodle on em! Yay! I think it's okay, not the funnest thing in the wold but girls here LOVE it, so I have been taken several times.

Out of these two things, Karaoke is definitely the best in my opinion because,

Number 1
It's a better deal. Purikura is about 5 dollars for 10 pictures and Karaoke, hmm, well the best value I have gotten was 6 hours for 7 dollars. Great deal.

Number 2
Karaoke rooms are very comfortable. The weather here is very hot and very muggy. Most places, like Purikura, have quite a few people and it is stuffy in these kinda places. Karaoke rooms have magical AC's and your in a large room with a lot less people. Yay.

Number 3
I like to party. Nuff said.

Well sorry bout the rainyness today guys! It's raining again now but it'll stop soon. I hope I can upload my phone pics, I can show y'all some of my purikura and me at the zoo!! :D

Hope everyone is doin' okay!
Till next time,

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm sorry guys

Nothing really happened today at all. I have made so many plans for this weekend and none of them are happening anymore. I guess tomorrow I will go for a walk and take some pics though.

My mom called today :) that was nice :D I love you Mom!
and I love you too Dad, Brooke and Tate! :D

I miss all you guys back at home but Japan is pretty cool :D

I'll get those pictures for you Dad!!

Sorry there isn't more in this post but really nothing happened on this lazy, lazy day.

Just lettin y'all know I'm still alive!
Check back tomorrow,


Friday, June 25, 2010

Sweet! Mi camera es workingo!!!

Yay! So my camera is now workin and ready for picture takin! Tomorrow I plan on going to Numazu to this game store that is supposed to be insane and might just walk around the city after that, so there will be plenty of oppurtunity for the pictures. :D

So one of my friends watched the soccer game last night... I don't know about you guys over in America, but over here the soccer game started at 3 A.M. and lasted for two hours. O.o Needless to say (but I will anyway), he was extremely tired today but I was proud of him. That kinda stuff, that's what men do. Another one of my friends fell asleep in math class today, I took his marker and drew on his fingernails while he was out. When he woke up he asked me who did it, after my "Blah, blah, lie, lie" I finally told him I did and he told me I doesn't come off. Like with anything. I felt kinda bad so I scribbled on my fingernails with the same marker. I don't know how that solved anything. Anyways, nothing really amazing happened today, more train stuff but I'll give that a rest for now. OH!!! But a while back I saw this guy at Shizuoka Train Station, he had like half of his hair straight down on one side and straight up on the other! His hair was like a foot long!!! Maybe more!!! (NO EXAGERATION) It was crazy, I really wish my camera had been working for a while now but like I said, I fixed it. Also, if I manage to get my phone's pics on the computer I'll upload em cause they're pretty interesting :D


I'm R.T. and this is My Blog comin atcha LIVE from Japan...
Goodnight, World.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wow... Look at that circle in Texas!! (on my Visitor Locations)

Anyways, I am back again! Today was a pretty good day and two cool things, I guess you could say, "happened" today. Nothing amazing but yea, I have officially been here for 3 months now (I arrived in Japan on March 24) and summer break is exactly one month away for me!!! :D Oh, and I have a three day weekend this month which I think the students here at Gyoshu (my school) deserve because we had to go to school two Saturdays this month. Now, this isn't out of the ordinary for this school, but a kid gets tired. I also figured out why my camera hasn't been working (I thought it was broke so no pics recently, I apologize). It turns out that you need to charge the battery for like 3 days before the camera will even turn on... So yea, its charged for several days now and still isn't done.

Anywho, people here are fairly sleepy. While I was on the train (everything happens on trains) this morning, this girl kept falling asleep, nothing out of the ordinary for residents of Japan. She also kept letting her head drop to the side, pick it back up, drop it and pick it back up until she made a successful landing on the man's shoulder next to her. Sometimes she wouldeven pick her head up all the way, and then like dive bomb into his shoulder. Like I said before though, this is totally common to see here. People always seem to stay asleep the whole time they are tenderizing the poor victims shoulder, yet as soon as they get to their station, their body somehow knows that it needs to wake up. I don't know. It makes me wonder if these people are really sleeping... Well either way, it's fun to watch :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lots of em'

So while I was on the train coming home today this guy came into the same car as me and sat down. He looked kinda creepy... a little like Hannibal Lecter from Hannibal Rising (except his hair wasn't as nice) and he had some blood shot eyes. Anyways, he sits down next to this girl and starts talking, except nobody is listening to him. So he keeps on having this conversation with himself and while the "other person" is "responding" (moments of silence) he would do this creepy things with his hands where he would move his fingers as if they were the freakin limbs of the girl off of The Ring. Sometimes he would brush his hair back. So yea. It was wierd, but I have seen this kinda tuff a lot since I have been here. Like, I don't know, but maybe is something in the food...