Thursday, December 31, 2009

Since I have 8 followers...

I feel pretty important. I honestly didn't even expect to get, but maybe, 1 follower. Look at me now though... I'm practically a celebrity! :P

Anyways! I just thought that I would let everyone know that we have just paid off the full tuition! :D I can't wait till I find out who the host family is!

But yup!

Later :D

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So, sweet stuff has happened!

Wow, I just noticed how much I put off updating this blog but there'll be way more to post once I'm actually in Japan. :P

Well first off, I got my invoice at the begining of December and it said I had to pay $1,500 in a month! BUTTTTT!!!! That is the same time that I have to make the full payment anyway, so I was already prepared for a big payment. :) As you know by the date of this post, it is already the end of December, so.... My family and I are paying off the full tuition tomorrow!! :D

I have been working a lot so far but finally got my first 2 weeks off from my job and right before that I got the biggest paycheck I have earned so far. :) Sadly, I will be returning to work on Saturday but I only have to work there for a little while longer!

So Ryan Esteves said he didn't care if I mentioned him in my blog (but I know he does) and he has been helping out with the side work I have been doing A.K.A. mowing lawns. One of the lawns he helped with actually paid me $200!!! So thanks Ryan... Thanks a lot!!! >:(

My family in west Texas has also helped out A LOT! They have been doing so much and now that we are paying the tuition, they have really made the payment easier on us. :D They're the best! Thank you guys!!! :D

Also my family has helped so much, even my siblings Brooke and Tate! Now that we have put in everthing we have raised, my mom and dad will pay the rest and so I would like to thank them! :D I wouldn't have been able to do ANY of this without y'all! And thank you to Brooke and Tate! :)

Well, I have found out my flight times, when I need to be in L.A. for pre-departure orientation and when I will be in Tokyo for a several-day long orientation preparing everyone for a year in Japan! :D All I need to find out now is who my host family will be and I plan on finding that out sometime in January!

I will definitely have a new post when that happens, so expect one soon!