Monday, November 2, 2009


Okay Okay! I know I haven't updated this blog since my first post, which was over a month ago, and as you might expect a lot of things have happened.

First of all, I was accepted by AFS U.S. on September 30! They sent me an email confirming it and stating that my application had been sent to AFS Japan for the final word on whether or not I will be going. They also told me that it may be a lengthy wait... MAYBE EVEN 2 MONTHS!!! A few days after being accepted by the U.S., they AFS sent me a packet on preparing for the trip, actually 2 booklets, one for my parents and one for me.

Secondly, we have been raising as much money as possible! We put together a couple more bake sales, one of which my family drove 5 hours to make it to after they finished baking everything for it! They also held a cake walk for me just recently and raised even more for the trip! :D THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!! We also finished selling raffle tickets and held the drawing at a Halloween Party on October 31. The winner of the Stainless Steel Gas Grill was Oscar from Ozona, Texas!!!

And lastly! On October 26... I was accepted by AFS Japan! ^^ It didn't even take a full month to get this letter and seeing it made me feel like it's really happening! Even though it's still hard to comprehend. Well, thats about everything that has happened so far. If I missed anything or something new happens I'll post about it! And sooner too!!!