Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Okay, so this really won't be to long, I7m about to go to my high school to be fitted for the uniform. So I walked around A LOT yesterday and dragged Saori with me :P we walked about 7-8 km and made it home around 10 at night, then I had her stay up with me to watch Signs with Mel Gibson and japanese subtitles! Whoo! Oh and I guess everyone goes on diets when they hit like 30 because she doesn't eat very much, so I bought her lots of her favorite candy! Haha it's really fun here :D Oh I also found out that it is a bad idea to take a bath in the morning. The other night the temperature got down to 4 celsius in my room and during the day it gets up to about 10-12 celsius! So I skipped the shower one night to take one in the morning, first off, you can't sit in the nice hot bath water because there is none because you are the only person bathing! Everyone else bathes at night. Secondly, it was 6 celsius in the bathroom! I walked in and saw my breath and knew I had made a mistake... But I learned my lesson :)

Soooo pictures, I only took a few but I will post them up, better yet I will put them on my facebook... Unless I can find an album feature... Let me figure this out!




Sunday, March 28, 2010

So I am in Japan :D people probably want pictures.. well I'll put some up later :P ERR! This keyboard is kinda difficult so this won't be a long post. So Japan... People don't smell different here, people don't hate Americans, and hardly anybody speaks english. (I have met like 20 people where I live and only 1 speaks english and another can understand slow english) Sooo, that proves that a lot of what people told me is kinda incorrect. Of course maybe those people lived in Tokyo, AKA suedo-Japan. :P I'm in the real deal, everything is pacted together, lots of houses, cherry blossoms, and Mount Fuji right outside my window! The first couple of days the food was difficult to eat and now I'm eating foods I wouldn't even eat back home! Everyone is so nice and yes you have to change your slippers all the time. I did a couple of public baths which are amazing! The top five phrases I use in japanese are:

#1 ありがとう (Arigatou) - Thank you
#2 どういったしまして (Douittashimashite) - Your welcome
#3 だいじょうぶ (Daijoubu) - It's okay/ I'm okay/ Are you okay?
#4 おいしい! (Oishii!) - It's delicious!
#5 ごめんあさい (Gomennasai) - I'm sorry
BONUS さむい! (Samui!) - It's cold!

So when ever any of these are used by others, I feel so very proud of the fact that I have a slight idea of what's going on. I met this man and when I stood up to greet him he said おおきい! (Ookii!) which means, BIG! HAHA I felt proud then too :D

Well, I have been typing this for a while and I feel like I've been on to long so I must leave now! Next post will have pictures!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

'Bout tuh leave!

Well Sunday is my last full day here in Corpus Christi and Monday is my last full day in the U.S. I am starting to feel quite a bit more nervous than I did before, but I am super excited about being in Japan! :D

I've been eating tons of Taco Bell these past couple days because I won't have it for a year! Oh, and apparently I am going to smell to people in Japan because of all the beef that we eat in America. I'm excited about that. I'm really curious as to how things will happen at orientation, with my family, with my school, ect.

Just thought I should post this, I hadn't put anything for a while. I plan on posting more while I'm actually in Japan though. OH! I got a camera so PICTURES! :D

For everyone who wants to see pictures, know about my trip, or talk, follow my blog!

Peace out!