Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So I'm back. I took like 100 pictures with my camera. Then I deleted like 90. So ther are not a lot of new pictures at all but worry not. I'm bringing it to school tomorrow and hopefully I can get some pics of the iside of it if my teacher is cool with that! (My pics can be seen at Facebook, find me!)

Aside from that we ar testing now. It's like some sort of semster exam or mid-term or whatever, summer is coming up so that my guess. The way it works here, summer is in the middle of the school year. For me it starts... July 24! Yay :D so its less than a month away! There is a lot of stuff planned to do with AFS but that's fine cause I made quite a few AFS friends that I really wanna meet up with again! But yea, got off track. We are doing testing. And I do not understand at all. They asked if I wanted to take the test and so I said yea because I didn't want to sit and do nothing. But I think if I would have said no, I wouldn't have to go to school this week. I'm a genius though. So now I'm taking a test that I have no idea what it says or even what subject it is. While I was staring at my test today, I drooled on it... that's how much I get this. We also had an english test today! I felt really confident, then my classmate came and asked me about questions and we traded answers. I realized I answered a lot of questions wrong. I'm sure he made a higher grade then me...


Aside from that though evrything is going pretty good :D
Well it's late and I'm sleepy!

Goodnight, World!

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