Friday, June 25, 2010

Sweet! Mi camera es workingo!!!

Yay! So my camera is now workin and ready for picture takin! Tomorrow I plan on going to Numazu to this game store that is supposed to be insane and might just walk around the city after that, so there will be plenty of oppurtunity for the pictures. :D

So one of my friends watched the soccer game last night... I don't know about you guys over in America, but over here the soccer game started at 3 A.M. and lasted for two hours. O.o Needless to say (but I will anyway), he was extremely tired today but I was proud of him. That kinda stuff, that's what men do. Another one of my friends fell asleep in math class today, I took his marker and drew on his fingernails while he was out. When he woke up he asked me who did it, after my "Blah, blah, lie, lie" I finally told him I did and he told me I doesn't come off. Like with anything. I felt kinda bad so I scribbled on my fingernails with the same marker. I don't know how that solved anything. Anyways, nothing really amazing happened today, more train stuff but I'll give that a rest for now. OH!!! But a while back I saw this guy at Shizuoka Train Station, he had like half of his hair straight down on one side and straight up on the other! His hair was like a foot long!!! Maybe more!!! (NO EXAGERATION) It was crazy, I really wish my camera had been working for a while now but like I said, I fixed it. Also, if I manage to get my phone's pics on the computer I'll upload em cause they're pretty interesting :D


I'm R.T. and this is My Blog comin atcha LIVE from Japan...
Goodnight, World.

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