Sunday, June 27, 2010


Okay, well today was a rainy day, it didn't really stop until this evening and then I went for a bike ride because I haven't been outside in like two days. If tomorrow isn't rainy I can get some pics up of my bike, my host sisters little bar, and I guess I could take some pics of what I'm eating here, that way you guys back home know what you're missing out on. :P

Hmmm, well I'll tell ya a bit about two big things in Japan...
I have done karaoke here. Several times. It. Is. Amazing. So in the U.S. (and possibly other countries) we go to bars to satisfy our karaoke desires. Well in Japan, there are places that you go to that are made specifically for this. You go in, rent out a room, they give you a free drink of your choice, your room number and go up to it. Yes, rent out a room. You aren't in front of a hundrends of people making an idiot of yourself (if you were me), instead your are doing it in front of your friends. The rooms they put you in are really nice. You can have a lot of people all sing at one time because there are lots of mics, you can order food and beverages up to your room (which are quite affordable) and you can even shut the door to your room and scream your head off to your favorite Slipknot songs, such as I did. This is probably one of the best things I have done in Japan.

There is also this thing here called Purikura. It is short for print club (purinto kurabu) and you go into a little booth thing and have it take picture of you and your friends. Now this is made for girls really, the pictures you take remove all imperfections from you and make your eyes like twice their normal size. You look like a real life anime character or something. But yea, its cool becuase you choose all of these backgrounds whie inside of the booth (oh the booth is usually pretty big inside) and the selected backgrounds are projected onto a green screen behind you. After you have finish with the pics, you go outside the booth were it shows your photos on a screen and your can doodle on em! Yay! I think it's okay, not the funnest thing in the wold but girls here LOVE it, so I have been taken several times.

Out of these two things, Karaoke is definitely the best in my opinion because,

Number 1
It's a better deal. Purikura is about 5 dollars for 10 pictures and Karaoke, hmm, well the best value I have gotten was 6 hours for 7 dollars. Great deal.

Number 2
Karaoke rooms are very comfortable. The weather here is very hot and very muggy. Most places, like Purikura, have quite a few people and it is stuffy in these kinda places. Karaoke rooms have magical AC's and your in a large room with a lot less people. Yay.

Number 3
I like to party. Nuff said.

Well sorry bout the rainyness today guys! It's raining again now but it'll stop soon. I hope I can upload my phone pics, I can show y'all some of my purikura and me at the zoo!! :D

Hope everyone is doin' okay!
Till next time,


  1. 6 hours? I think you're just after the A/C...

  2. Haha you got me. But six hours of AC for only 7 bucks? You can't beat that.